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  • safely packed and tiny samples I love how its safely wrapped with bubble thing, and they always give me same samples, no matter how many quantity you order, maybe it varies quantity but still.I like how they always give samples for free. - D****

    [Clinical Grade Trouble Daily Care Lotion] Genoderm Scar Free Lotion

  • preparing for spring Spring is coming so i stocked up again my vitamin c serum since i'll be having more outings sooni prefer simple vitamin c serums because it has concentrated amount of antioxidants - E****

    [Clinic Grade Anti-oxidant] GENODERM Vitamin C + Serum

  • go to cream This is my go to cream when my skin flakes from stress or lack of sleep - G****

    [Skin Regeneration Regrowth For Scars Spot Cream-Mole Removal After Care]GENODERM Regener GHK-Cu Spot Cream 15ml

  • my skin got so bad with mask.. I have very oily skin and the wearing mask made it worse..I hope genoderm helps me again like how it helped me with the hair products.The shampoo was very effective for me so I think these skin products would work on me too. - C****

    ★Oily Skin Trouble Care 2★ GENODERM-Scar Free Solution+Moisture U Fresh Essence+Scar Free Spot Cream

  • i have more hair than before I can't stop using this product since my head is fuller than before..I insisted my father law to use this product as well, and I hope he uses it and see the effect soon as I did.After giving a birth, my hair got so thin, and that drove me crazy but, scalpmaster, is a thing. - A****

    ★Hair Loss/Hair Transplantation Care 2★GENODERM-ScalpMaster Shampoo&Solution

  • Good substitute it's quite costly and timely to go to the dermatologist so if your skin is not that sensitive this is a good way to keep your skin healthyi've been using it for 3 months now and decided to write a review because it is really effectivebut like any other skincare routine you have to be patient and consistent - K****

    Derma Q-Pen+Chip 8 pcs+Genoderm Regener Cream (Post Op Regeneration MTS/Laser etc) Pacakge

  • silky smooth This is one of the best ampoule that i've tried so farit's light yet moisturizing! - I****

    [Honey Shine Ampoule]Derma Elravie Ferment HoneyBush Innerset Ampoule

  • moisturizing it's a good ampoule good for skin moisturizing and regenerating - F****

    [Clinic Grade High Concentrated Regeneration] GENODDERM Ketatis Ampoule (Bulk)




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